Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yellue! 2010

Recently, there are several campaigns were held in UTAR compound.
One of the campaigns is Yellue!

At first, I didn't notice the campaign even though the booth near beside me.
But somehow kena tarik by a Yellue lenglui to draw a tatoo. =.=
Specific to said, it's Yellue logo.

But so weird ah, why it called Yellue?
Environment campaign not always "Green Green" "Save Mother Earth"??
After they explained I just know why..

How does GREEN colour produced?
It is combination from two colours which are yellow and blue.
Dat's why they called as Yellue.
But its a very good concept, coz nobody use it before.

I don't wish to blog either how can we save our environment
or how can we stopped pollution..
Because I believe you all know what to do to save environment..
Just like what Earth Hour do, switch off the lights for one hour will do.

Actually for me, the practice of saving environment
should be done in a way which people do not feel burden themselves.
Think logically, if someone feels burden to do something,
will they still want to do it?

Maybe you'll should find some win-win solution to solve it.
Example : car pool (if the destination is same)
: recycle the newspaper instead of throwing it

Yellue! Save the environment not only to yourself,
but also your future.
I don't think you want to have judgement day on 2012,
don't you ?

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