Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Deepavali

2 more days to go for your deepavali celebration..
so how's your preparation?
Hope everything goes well =D

By the way, now I already at Bukit Mertajam lur..
I'm going to stay here for 2 days before head to Langkawi
Don't get me wrong ah, I never skip class
I already replace all the class before I'm here..

Just few hours ago, I reached Penang Sentral while waiting my friend's bro..
An Indian man with his motorcycle came across me
(actually it's one way, if I'm not mistaken)
He said : Sorry ah sorry, minta lalu (excuse me)

After that, he said : Happy Deepavali
I was felt so shocked and felt good..
Because what?

No matter what race are we,
we still Malaysian.

Back to the Langkawi trip..
Seriously..I can't wait the day coming!!
I was so so so freaking excited!
Anyway, HAPPY DEEPAVALI everyone!!

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