Monday, February 21, 2011

Everything started...

Okay, well..everything should be settled down..
All holidays are passed, so I should keep those mood and get back to my studies.
Starting this week onwards, I will be kinda busy..
So, I'm here to apologize that I couldn't update my blog frequently.
However, I will try my best to do that..

If you had free time,
please kindly watch A Time To Embrace, Episode 22
as I'm inside the TV ^^

You don't have to wait long,
I will appear right after the theme song
and you will recognize me wahahaha
*Kinda excited since I know it last night*

Oh ya, not forget to tell you guys.
I had celebrated my friend birthday last week..
Pictures will be updated soon.

Stay tune ^^

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gloomy CNY

Once ago, there's a story about Billie Holiday's song.
I don't know whether it's true.
But, today incident..really reminds me that song.

One of the Billie Holiday song, Gloomy Sunday.
There's a rumor which says that
"whenever who listen to this song, they will suicide on next day"
The reason of people suicide is because of the lyric..
The lyric of this song full of depression with sorrowful music..

is the first day of Chinese New Year..

But for me,
it is the saddest CNY ever.
My aunt, cousin, grandma and even my mum cried.

My uncle had just pass away this morning.
Thanks for the heart disease.

He left his family silently,
2am he is still awake and praying for Fortune God.
However, around 7 to 8am he already went to heaven.
May he rest in peace.

We will always remember you.
And people, please cherish your life.

Life is not easy..
You may find your life is meaningless
you may find your life is full of disappointment
but please do not give up your life

There's lot of people who are
love you
support you
motivate you
cherish you

Remember that.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello February 2011 :D

Today's date in 1st of Feb 2011,
which also a Federal Holiday for KL State resident =)

For those who are going back to their hometown for CNY,
wish you drive carefully and reach your destination safely.

For those who are not celebrating CNY,
enjoy your holiday and take a good rest before going back to work/study.

Anyway, just to update few things about me recently :

i) I've bought YES 4G Dongle to use, which cost me for RM99.
However, YTL Communication will rebate me RM10 for 10 months,
therefore.. the dongle is free.. and because my university (UTAR)
had Education Partnership Program (EPP) with YTL,
I have another extra RM9 for FREE until I graduated..
It's sounds too good to be true.. Yea, I admit..
But, if you seriously looked at the usage payment and plan..
YES 4G actually is not cheap.
If you want to know more about YES 4G and EPP,
you are the most welcome to leave a message at my chat box.
I will reply you guys as soon as possible.

ii) As I worked as part time promoter during last weekend,
I can tell you that,
It's too many people and too many promoters.
Prices also gone up due to CNY. Maybe some got offer la..
Yea. It causes traffic jam too, even taxi drivers also don't dare to go shopping.
Some uncle said :
"I'm celebrating CNY, therefore I coming here to buy things,
but other who don't celebrate also come here, I feel kinda pass out"

iii) Still, my life as a student..
What thing to be worried? "Assignment" loh..
I was going to National Library to find some information,
but it was closed once I reach there =.=
Full of disappointment though..

iv) For CNY Reunion Dinner,
who wants to eat roast duck for that night?
Welcome to my father's stall =D
Located near Cheras Leisure Mall..
No booking, so walk-in please..

That's all for this post.
Wish you all had a prosperous Chinese New Year.
If got extra angpao, I don't mind to get it :D