Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Facebook and Phone.

Recently, Facebook (a social media)
is having a changing profile picture
into a memorable cartoon character
especially for the children.

So, I have searched
some 1990's popular cartoon characters pictures
based on the topic above..

The first one, Sailormoon
Next , Digimon

Then, The Mask

Lastly, Smurfs

and of course there's lot more of cartoon characters..
But unfortunately, I got no time for uploading all their pictures.
I believed for who was born in 1990's
definitely will miss all this animated cartoon series.

On the other hand, a bad news for my friend..
One of my phone, Sony Ericsson C510 already broken..
I just bought it on February this year..
Luckily, it is still under warranty.

Therefore, my phone now is officially HOSPITALIZED.
Hopefully next week my phone will back to me >_< For who unable to contact me, I'm always online.. So kindly drop me an email if you got something urgent Thanks!

Email : shiningrain@live.cn

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010

I'm back =P

Last weekend went to Penang just to join this event
Penang Bridge International Marathon..
My friend and I just join fun run larrr....

Just to share my experience with you guys.
Even though I didn't managed to run at there..

The story begin like this..
My friend and I went to Penang Island on Saturday midnight..
We reach there around 11.30pm.
Somebody would ask, you siao ah?! Midnight go there for what?

Ya lah.. My marathon category 7am just start,
but the bridge was closed at 1am till 11am on the next day..
That's the reason why..

So, once we reached there..
we went to the information counter to pick up our back up race pack..
coz our race pack didn't reached to our home before we head to penang..

Me with my marathon shirt =D

After took all the things, we went to coffee bean and enjoy the drinks.
We've ordered a pure double chocolate for RM14++.

Then, we walked along the food stalls which prepared for runners..
actually they're look like mini pasar malam..
they're operate till 4am and then reopen on 5.30am for breakfast..

FYI, runners for 48km starts on 2am
21km marathon starts on 3am++
10km, argh I forget adi =.=
fun run category 7am..

One of the food we bought..mee goreng

Sakae sushi
1 box oni RM2.. It's SAKAE
not the one in pasar malam..

The road finally closed for the marathoners...

One of the cafe available at there..
but quite expensive in the terms of pricing...
the starting point near Queensbay..

We're sitting having supper..
or you can said it as "PICNIC" XD

We're only sitting at the road side >_<

After finish eating, we played UNO for an hour..
Until 2am++ we started to feel frustrated and sleepy..

Jumay geh sleepy face =DFinally we beh tahan adi, we choose to sleep at the roadside..

Not long after that..
the sky started rain =.=
we felt so cold and the wind keep blew toward us..

Till 6am, we really can't stand that type of situation..
we decided to give up and try to join it next year
(because I've exam on the next day, can't afford to sick)

Disappointed arhh..
I read on facebook, a lot of runners are enjoyed their run even raining!

No matter what,
next year I want to join again!!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Langkawi - relaxed trip ever!

As mentioned in the earlier post,
my friend and I had a trip to Langkawi Island..

We had joined one day tour - Island Hopping at there.
We went to 3 places continuously..
Beras Basah Island, Dayang Bunting Lake, and also Singa Island.
Unfortunately, we cant get a very clear picture for Singa Island,
because there had many eagles flying around!

Anyway, Beras Basah Island and Dayang Bunting Lake also very nice..The water of Dayang Bunting Lake a.k.a Pregnant Maiden Lake
is very clean!

For the accommodation, we stayed in Langkapuri Inn Hotel,
which is consider as lousy hotel but it is fully equipped.
After we put all our luggage, we walked out from our room..

We saw a beautiful beach..
It's the main beach of the Langkawi Island,
which is known as Cenang Beach.

What a beautiful sunset view...

We saw this type of crab everywhere at there!

The tourist did this~ Amazing, right?

We went to the Underwater World Aquarium too..
It changed a lot.
It seems like got nothing to see..
( Hidden meaning : It's not worth to go la..shhh)

BTW, we had took some pictures with the aqua creatures displayed there.
Some of them can't use flash camera to take their pics..
They will get shocked and die..

Here are the pictures..

This one is the fake one!!
We found this at the exit of Underwater World Aquarium..
She reminds me the cartoon "PINGU"

FYI, the food around that area is very very expensive..
A crab - 100gm RM7
A simple dish (vegetables) - RM10 (small)
Better dish (eg:prawn, deer) - RM18 (small)

However, there are lot of choices of food.
Thai food, Chinese seafood (pork-free), Arabic food,Italian food, Indian food etc.

At Langkawi Island, it's hardly to have pork for food.
Maybe it's because majority of the people staying there are Malays.

That's all for my post!
Thank you for reading ^^

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Deepavali

2 more days to go for your deepavali celebration..
so how's your preparation?
Hope everything goes well =D

By the way, now I already at Bukit Mertajam lur..
I'm going to stay here for 2 days before head to Langkawi
Don't get me wrong ah, I never skip class
I already replace all the class before I'm here..

Just few hours ago, I reached Penang Sentral while waiting my friend's bro..
An Indian man with his motorcycle came across me
(actually it's one way, if I'm not mistaken)
He said : Sorry ah sorry, minta lalu (excuse me)

After that, he said : Happy Deepavali
I was felt so shocked and felt good..
Because what?

No matter what race are we,
we still Malaysian.

Back to the Langkawi trip..
Seriously..I can't wait the day coming!!
I was so so so freaking excited!
Anyway, HAPPY DEEPAVALI everyone!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yellue! 2010

Recently, there are several campaigns were held in UTAR compound.
One of the campaigns is Yellue!

At first, I didn't notice the campaign even though the booth near beside me.
But somehow kena tarik by a Yellue lenglui to draw a tatoo. =.=
Specific to said, it's Yellue logo.

But so weird ah, why it called Yellue?
Environment campaign not always "Green Green" "Save Mother Earth"??
After they explained I just know why..

How does GREEN colour produced?
It is combination from two colours which are yellow and blue.
Dat's why they called as Yellue.
But its a very good concept, coz nobody use it before.

I don't wish to blog either how can we save our environment
or how can we stopped pollution..
Because I believe you all know what to do to save environment..
Just like what Earth Hour do, switch off the lights for one hour will do.

Actually for me, the practice of saving environment
should be done in a way which people do not feel burden themselves.
Think logically, if someone feels burden to do something,
will they still want to do it?

Maybe you'll should find some win-win solution to solve it.
Example : car pool (if the destination is same)
: recycle the newspaper instead of throwing it

Yellue! Save the environment not only to yourself,
but also your future.
I don't think you want to have judgement day on 2012,
don't you ?