Friday, April 27, 2012

I do not know what is happening on me. 
I just feel depressed every single night. 
And I hate this fucking feeling! 

A week ago, one of my buddy, 
She's came all over from Kuala Lumpur to Kampar.
Actually, there's quite long time I did not meet her.
Since she coming for me, then I just welcome her.

Her arrival to my place does makes my life brighter.
At least, when she is here, I am not so depressed like usual.
You know what, she's a psychological diploma graduate. 

So, I took her for a walk.
We went to the one of the Kampar's restaurant
called  "Kam Ling"
for its' famous dish Curry Chicken Bun 
After that, we shopping in Jusco Ipoh for a moment.
Then, I took her for dinner in Kampar 
and introduce her some friends of mine.

Of course, we're having an enjoyable dinner, 
the whole process of dinner are full of chats and laughters.
However, when we reached my hostel, she told me,
"The way I'm interacting with my friends is different and I looked uneasy" 
I shocked that she able to look through my minds 
by just observing my behaviour on dinner table. 

But, this is not the thing I wanted to highlight.
Just that I had too much of secrets which I could not shared.
Just that I had too much of walls instead of bridge
 in terms of connecting with peoples. 

I felt I'm like an alien, abnormal in the eye of society. 
I'm lonely and I'm hidden. Nobody is going to recognize me.
I couldn't express the real me and it's going to makes me suffocate.

I have thought before to meet psychologist to solve my problem.
But I knew that, even I meet the psychologist, 
if I do not open my inner self, nobody could help me. 

I knew that I had rely too much on friends, the one I love. 
Because I could not afford to live my life alone. 
I'm afraid. 

I wish my friend could help me to solve my fear. 
I wish I could open up my heart. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

First Post in 2012

The time flies~~
I just realized that I didn't update my blog for months!
And this is the first post of the year..
I know I'm kinda late >_<

By the way, the important point is..
** Clean up the spider web.. Tsk Tsk **
** Mop and sweep the blog **

Well about me, since after my birthday last year..
I have changed myself to Rihanna, then back to my ownself.
Coz "Good Girl Gone Bad" mah.. Then become good girl again.
LOL, I know its a very lame joke =X

But, I will keep this blog updated..
maybe once in a month?
it's still under consideration lah..

Wish you all the best
and have a nice day =)


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pictures and updates!

As promised.. the pictures of Press Conference and
Star Cruise were uploaded..
But not that much,
coz when I upload I just found that..
there's quite a number of junk photo that I took!!
I filter it like hell seriously *_*

The woman above is an indonesian maid
that worked in Malaysia
for about 10 years++..
I think she is the first time abroad to Star Cruise.
Why do I say so?

When I take photo she keep screaming nonstop!!
She worry that she would fall off from the cruise >_<

Basically this is how the center of the cruise look like..
The photo quality abit cha la..
Actual one look nicer. Trust me.

Siao char bo face in cruise..

Seriously, I do love this picture.
Even Ajib also don't have red carpet to walk during his tour to UK =)

Ginger, as the emcee of the press conference.

The women with the specs and blazer is
KDU College (Penang) punya head..

one of the photographer.. I don't know his name.
Sorry >_<

That's all for pictures..
Lazy upload so many haha
If wanted to know more about Cruise and Youth Jam,
go for Google Search.

Updates :

- know a bunch of new and great friends.
- just finished an Amazing Race contest at uni.
- assignment a lot like hell.
- I enjoyed my uni life ^~^
- I'm currently an iphone user =X
- my birthday is coming.

Friday, May 27, 2011


I wish to watch Kungfu Panda 2..
But nobody want to watch with me..
This movie seem so nice as I had watched the previous one.

What to do?
I'm just a loner.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exam result

Exam result had released..
Thank god that I never failed any subject..
Even so, I'm still not satisfy with my result..
I wish that I can get better result..

Sometimes, I questioned myself..
Am I able to be a successful people one day?
Before this, I believe in myself that I can do it, I said yes.
But now, I don't think the same way..

I need to work harder to achieve what I want..
At least, I wish able to work in one of the MNC company..
People should always dream big for achieve something
shouldn't I?

Will work more harder on next semester..
I still have 2 years time to improve..

Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello everybody!!
I'm just back from Penang!

Once I'm back,
I on my laptop..
Connecting to Facebook..
Then I saw this..
My face in The Star Metro (Penang) newspaper~
You may see it here at online version for the full story:

Actually my face only occupied very small space..
Coz I'm standing far far away >_<
But very happy mah..1st time in newspaper..
Sorry for being a sakai hahaha
About the Penang Star Cruise trip..
I had stayed in Superstar Libra Cruise..
The trip is consider enjoyable lah..
As I'm just pay RM50 (admin fee) for 2 times buffet XD
Actually I have to pay more, but thanks to Yen Pin and her mom..
I don't need to do so :D
Thank you very much ya..

I have went into casino,
played bingo and even slept in the cruise (sounds like bullshiting)

Anyway, pictures are going to be uploaded soon~
(Including the pictures for press conference)
Please be patient.. I'm still looking for a card reader
to read the camera memory card >_<

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Free =)

From the title, it doesn't mean to be free gifts..
It just about me to being free from busy life ^^

Yeah, I have already finished my exam last week..
And because of laziness, now I'm only writing my blog..

I had passed my undang test and my amali~
Now, I'm in the progress of learning..
Hopefully I'm able to get a P license at July..

Next weekend, I'm going to proceed my life to Youth Jam meeting..
Then, going to Penang Cruise as my friend had a free room XD
I'm so freaking excited coz I never been there before!
I wish that is an enjoyable trip =)

Back to Kampar..
During this semester of study, I had some problems with my group mate.
However, I don't think I could do any changes with the situation.
Therefore, I chose to leave them and find a new friend to mix with.
Wish them luck and happy anyway.

Yeah, at the same time
I also had get a chance to design KT management brochure

IF, I say IF...
IF I manage to make them to use my design,
then my resume definitely look nicer when it comes to internship ^^
I will try my best to do it..

Lastly, I will update my mixpod song asap..
Sorry for late update and have a nice day :D
Thanks for viewing my blog