Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pictures and updates!

As promised.. the pictures of Press Conference and
Star Cruise were uploaded..
But not that much,
coz when I upload I just found that..
there's quite a number of junk photo that I took!!
I filter it like hell seriously *_*

The woman above is an indonesian maid
that worked in Malaysia
for about 10 years++..
I think she is the first time abroad to Star Cruise.
Why do I say so?

When I take photo she keep screaming nonstop!!
She worry that she would fall off from the cruise >_<

Basically this is how the center of the cruise look like..
The photo quality abit cha la..
Actual one look nicer. Trust me.

Siao char bo face in cruise..

Seriously, I do love this picture.
Even Ajib also don't have red carpet to walk during his tour to UK =)

Ginger, as the emcee of the press conference.

The women with the specs and blazer is
KDU College (Penang) punya head..

one of the photographer.. I don't know his name.
Sorry >_<

That's all for pictures..
Lazy upload so many haha
If wanted to know more about Cruise and Youth Jam,
go for Google Search.

Updates :

- know a bunch of new and great friends.
- just finished an Amazing Race contest at uni.
- assignment a lot like hell.
- I enjoyed my uni life ^~^
- I'm currently an iphone user =X
- my birthday is coming.