Friday, December 24, 2010

Before Christmas ^^

Two weeks ago, after I finished my Tamil Language exam..
I have just took a part time job from a production team.

Yah..As an extra in a local chinese drama
A Time To Embrace
which will on air starting from 13 Jan 2011,
at 8.30pm only at 8TV ^^

It's actually not easy to act in a drama..
What you watch in TV around 15min, we've done it in 3 and more hours.
That day I was totally exhausted but somehow I enjoyed it
even though I worked start from 8am until 2am in the midnight..
The most important thing..

I saw HENLEY haha
but unfortunately, I was not allowed to disturb the artist..

As usual, pictures do the talking with some brief description..

All the crews are busy doing their job..
Elvis Chin had to roll down from a small hill..
If I'm not mistaken he rolled more than 5 times..
(please forgive my broken english)

Crews were resting in the middle of shooting..

One of the extra haha
Nice police costume ^^

Fake funeral..
Just made it from polystyrene haha

Another 2 guy..haha

Lastly, me ^^
Maybe you can see my backside when you watching the drama

End of my post today~
I wish you all had a merry x'mas and happy new year on 2011
Thanks for reading ^^

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's December!!


CHRISTMAS IS COMING SOON!!!!!Did you prepared for your big Turkey dinner?
Did you decorate your house?
Did you ever plan to countdown for the Christmas during its eve?

Be prepared for everything and


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alviss Kong

Yesterday, 2am in the morning,
a young man was committed suicide..
Yes, his name is Alviss Kong.

He could not accept the truth that his lover no longer love him..
Thus, he jumped off at 14th floor building at
Cheras Ketumbar Height (which is quite near my KL house)
and certified dead after he was sent to hospital.

Before he committed suicide,
he leaved a note in facebook said how much he love his lover..
He also mentioned that the 4 months together with his lover
is the most happy period in his life.

His friend saw his note,
but they did not realized that he is going to suicide.
They thought the note just a love story..

After 45 minutes, he jumped off and ends his life.

Below is his facebook account,
you may read more about him and his last note here.
Hope he'll rest in peace..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Awal Muharam and the day before

Hey peeps! How did you all spent your time on Awal Muharam?
Shopping? Just relax at home? Or even busy with household chores?
I'm just play around my house kitchen that day :D
But the outcome (fried rice) not bad lo!!
I'm not purposely want to praise myself though HAHA

Anyway, the day before that..
There is my cousin birthday celebration party..
As usual, picture speaks thousand word.
So, let's the pictures do the talking..

The food served...Jelly a.k.a Konyaku
Ice Kacang/Ais Batu Campur (ABC)
Lastly cake :D
So cute right???

More pictures are coming!
Stay tune :D

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Boobs Grabbing.

I had saw something from my so-called "friend" geh blog..
(Actually I'm not so close with him la,even same secondary school)
What ever la. HAHA

I felt so funny when I looked at this.
So, I decided to share it with you guys XDD

General Purpose : To Inform
Specific Purpose : To inform my blog readers about some boobs grabbing during photoshoot.
( Credits to Kentzai )

So girls, next time go paktoh with your boyfriend..
you want let him pinch your breast is okay la..
but careful abit XDDD

I believed all the guy wanna try dis!! HAHA