Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thailand - Bangkok and Pattaya

At pattaya beach~

My bro and I

Took at a restaurant. Sawasdeekap ^^

My Family =)

My sleepy face ==

Sorry for late!
Last 2 week my family and I went to Thailand for a short trip :D
There are still lots of photos that my cousin haven't upload..
But its okay..

Thailand - majority of the people there are Buddism. Therefore they eat pork.
I eventually managed to get a chance to eat at McDonald there..
You know what I saw from menu? PORK Burger!!!
The food that never ever sell in Malaysia. Haha

From the tour guide, I found something funny~
Chilli, in thai language is called as "PIGU" in chinese means buttock and so on....

Well, I'm not going to talk much about that..
Coz I know you guys won't like to read the long grandmother story.

That's all for this post xD