Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hey guys!
Update again ^.^
This time I would like to tell you all a story.
A story about a fan in Payathin (不夜天美食中心).
Ya, this is one the main character of this story.
The waitress.

And of course, another main character would be my dad.
(Cannot shows his picture, later he kills me)

*cough* *cough*
The story begins....

As usual, my family and I went to the Payathin food stalls for our dinner.
After we have our seat, my dad feels so uncomfortable..
His hair became messy because of the fan only blow the wind toward us.
Then, the waitress had came and this happens.

Waitress: Mau minum apa?
My Daddy : Erm..Watermelon juice, besar.
My mum : Saya mau suet cha ( icy chinese tea )
Me : Carrot milk besar.

Waitress: watermelon besar satu, suet cha satu, carrot milk satu.
My daddy : eh, apasai itu kipas tak mau pusing?
AND you know what the waitress said?
She said...

Waitress : itu kipas SOHAI tak mau pusing apa mau buat?!

Thanks for reading to this lousy joke.
It might be not so funny for everyone.

Cam-whore lagi! hahaha

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ampang Look Out Point

As promised, I had uploaded the picture of
Ampang Look Out Point.

And this picture shows that how would
Ampang Look Out Point will look alike when night. We can see the whole Kuala Lumpur from there.

Ampang Look Out Point, in malay it also known as,
"Menara Tinjau Hulu Langat" if I'm not mistaken.

This picture is shows one of the restaurant at there.
The food there quite pricey, which around RM4 - RM20+ per dish.

Okay, nothing to say already.
Habis cerita XD

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

23/2 - Tuesday

Update again ^^
Like everyone else who studied in UTAR Perak Campus (Foundation students)
I'm having my "valuable" sem break..
I found that it was kinda boring =.="

So, I was decided to went somewhere and get some fun.
I wrote on my facebook something like this :
"Long time din sing K jor, who can pui me go? KL lang pls"
Of course, the status are getting response from anyone who have added me in facebook.
(Too desperate already =.=)

At last, Ka Yee (Melinda Leong in fb) ajak me to Times Square ^^
Once I reached there, the first thing I did is..

FYI, CNY had passed, the prices are going back to normal.
Weekdays RM5++ from 1pm-6pm (Ladies price)
The price for guys I think is around RM18++
Student's price not sure >.<

After that....SHOPPING!
Woooooo HOOOOOO !!!!

And this is what I've bought =)

Short pant from CHIKAKO, RM 29.
Jeans from ROMP. RM 69.90

Shirt from CHIKAKO also. RM15 ^^

Lepas tu...
I'm went back and having dinner with my family members.
Here am I to introduce my naughty bro, Cheng Ze.
Actually dinner really got nothing to talk about -.-
Just want to share with you all a picture which I think quite funny XD

This photo is taken when my bro refuse to eat and I'm getting angry.

Haha XD
That's all for today.
Update soon.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

18/2/2010 Form 5 Gathering

Yo! Everyone ^^
How's your CNY celebration?
Start with open house party with non-stop gambling? Or...
Just stay at house waiting for the angpao's reach to your house?
Sometimes hor..when I want to sleep, the firework noise OMG
Really tak ada boleh tahan o.o

This week..Opps! Is last week..
I had joined my ex-classmates for Form 5/2008 for a gathering.
(Because CNY very sien, not joined them I will die at house)
Let the pictures do the talking =)

From upper left : Wee Siang, Yong Wei,Tze Yang and Wai Kit.
Middle role : Elaine (Me), Pui Yee, Cindy, Pooi Kuan and Yee Joo.
Last role : Boon Hong and KK.
(Btw, why Boon Hong and KK macam never change pose har?)

At first, Boon Hong and Lance (Yong Wei) had planned to karaoke box,
following by movie and dinner.
Somehow, after we reach Pavilion, we just realized that
Karaoke Box (Neway) is very expensive during the CNY period.
RM 30+ per person (1pm-6pm),
7pm-12pm lagi expensive - RM 46++..
So, we cancelled it and heading to movie.

We took the picture in front of Pavilion.
Nice Mangkuk (Bowl) XD

The movie that we watched on that day..
72 Tenants of Prosperity.
Only one sentence can describe this movie.
Funny and many popular TVB celebrities ^^
After we finished,
we went for bowling.
Soli bang, tarak lar..Mau tengok?
Tengok the 1st one larr ^^

Dinner time !
Me, Pooi Kuan and Pui Yee went to Ampang Look Out Point for dinner.
The scenery there is very beautiful at night.
You can consider to bring your loves one there for dinner.
Food there nice? So-so only..
Ala..Girl like romantic ma XD

Picture for Look Out Point will be uploaded on the next post.
Wish you all have a nice day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

14th February 2010,
Valentine's Day and CNY falls on a same date.
Some people might asked:
"How am I going to celebrate? Celebrate Valentine's Day with Parent?
or Celebrate CNY with girl friend/boy friend?"In my opinion, maybe you can invite your partner
to meet up your family member on CNY/Valentine's Day.

Hope all the couples have a nice valentine's day.

And tell them,

Friday, February 12, 2010

CNY 2010

Chinese New Year is coming soon!
FYI, today's night is a reunion night for chinese families.
So, I'm here to wish you all who celebrate the CNY would have a prosper year of 2010.

Talk about CNY, there are few important things must be included
like ang pao, tanglung, mandarin and others.
As zodiac of year 2010 is tiger,
there are many CNY items are designed according to it.

And here are some photos of CNY items,
hope you'll like it.
Angpao with tiger's cartoon


Mandarin orange a.k.a Lukam
(Mandarin orange is a seasonal fruit that only be available in CNY )
Yee Sang
( a food that symbolises success of everything including career and luck )


A sample of CNY card
"福" this word brings the meaning of happiness.
Chinese families will usually put the word on the other way round
it means that happiness had reached their house =)
The Lion Dance
and lastly..
Red Tanglung
That's the end for today..
Thanks for reading ^^
This blog will be updated very soon.
Happy Chinese New Year 2010.

虎年 ;

Monday, February 8, 2010

Woes of Kampar Resident

I believe that to Kampar resident, yesterday night is a nightmare.
That's because of BLACKOUT happens around 12.30am.
Everyone felt hot and helpless like I did.
I have called TNB but the phone never been answered.

And today, 2.28pm Kampar water supply was suspended without any notice.
I went to the Danish House Oxford Office
and I asked their customer service officer about this matter.
They told me that the water supply only will recover at night.

boo.. .Boo. BOo.. BOO...

We did pay our electricity bills.
We did pay our water supply bills.
We did pay our rental.

And we deserve this kind of services?
I'm going back to my hometown tomorrow.
Good Luck to who still stay in Kampar.


As usual, I'm now having my sem break after my final exam.
I got nothing to do and I was too bored.
So, I started to read all my friends blog...
And I saw Sheng's and Leong Kit's photography.
After saw their pictures, it sudden remind me about some photos that I took a sem ago.
(Haha forgive my beh pai seh-ness, I'm not a proffessional photographer)
By the way, I'm showing few picture that I think quite okay..
Oh ya, forget to be mention.
The venue of picture taken is Kampar Westlake
and I'm using my laoyar K750 when I'm taking this.

The first picture to be revealed is.....
(Credits for Sze Mun).
And the rest of the collection LOL


Continued by this...

And this....

Still have few more to go...

The rain drops fall from UTAR Block C cafeteria roof..

Rainy days in Kampar..

It's finally back to a shinning day =)
Thanks for reading~
Dis blog will be updated soon.
Stay tune!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Blog

Hi everybody XD
I'm creating a new blog again.
I hope I'll be able to stick with dis blog long enough.

Before this, I did have blog.
But, it seems like not attractive enough.

(Because it has a lousy owner ma =P )
So, I create this blog and try to make it nicer ^^

This blog is about anything that I do

and anywhere did I go.

Last but not least, welcome to my blog.