Saturday, June 19, 2010

Funny post (part 1)

Sorry for late again.
I tau I'm wrong la~
So many people complaint bout my blog adi..
(Long long baru 1 post, kesian me lah..busy ma...)

This week I'm not going to talk about trip anymore.
Just purely some happenings in Kampar.

Two days ago..
My friends and I had a steamboat gathering in 1201.
(1201 itu apa? My old hostel plat number)

Yen Pin, my housemate..
She brought 11 types of meat balls from Taiping.
Eg: Fish balls, sotong balls, etc.

We even went to Tesco Kampar for steamboat ingredient.
Only for steamboat, drinks, and ice-cream cost us about RM 200+

I'm not boasting okay?
It's for 10 people.
Somehow, the food cannot finish..

We also invited our friends to eat..
See the pictures....

U see lah..
The rice cooker pot also not enough space to put..

There's some other pictures I'll reveal to you all next post..
Coming Soon.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

5th & 6th June

Last week, after deal with orientation week at UTAR..
I went back to Kuala Lumpur once again.

That weekend, my mum and I actually planned to eat buffet at a restaurant.
Somehow, when we reached to Mirama Hotel, the staff said :
"Our buffet/hi-tea session only for week days."

So,we made an alternative.
We went to The Ship in Bukit Bintang for steaks!

I ate Sizzling Chicken Chop with a fruit punch..
Since I don't have any picture here,
I just can get their website for you guys to know more about them.
* I scare they will chase me out if I'm taking pics at there.

The Ship - Best steaks in town!

Price for steaks - RM20+ and above

Price for liquor :
a bottle of red/white wine - RM 99++
a bottle of vodka/tequila - RM300++

Price for drinks :
From RM3 - RM20 (non-alcoholic)

If you have chance, try it.
You won't regret for it =D