Sunday, November 28, 2010

Facebook and Phone.

Recently, Facebook (a social media)
is having a changing profile picture
into a memorable cartoon character
especially for the children.

So, I have searched
some 1990's popular cartoon characters pictures
based on the topic above..

The first one, Sailormoon
Next , Digimon

Then, The Mask

Lastly, Smurfs

and of course there's lot more of cartoon characters..
But unfortunately, I got no time for uploading all their pictures.
I believed for who was born in 1990's
definitely will miss all this animated cartoon series.

On the other hand, a bad news for my friend..
One of my phone, Sony Ericsson C510 already broken..
I just bought it on February this year..
Luckily, it is still under warranty.

Therefore, my phone now is officially HOSPITALIZED.
Hopefully next week my phone will back to me >_< For who unable to contact me, I'm always online.. So kindly drop me an email if you got something urgent Thanks!

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