Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Videos to share

Yo! Nothing much to said actually~
Just want to help my friend to share their vids..

Quite creative..
Inside the video, one of them are Ng Wei Kang a.k.a Croix..

The one who acted in Ice Kacang Puppy Love ( 炸鸡 )
and also the one who now hosting the Go Cuti @ Astro AEC


He is my SENIORRRRR ma.. LOL
My friend punya frienddddd

And this one too :D
My ex-housemate punya work~

Enjoy ya~

Friday, October 29, 2010


It's been a long time I live at Kampar..
I wonder I've already slowly become a Kampung (village) girl >_<
Sometimes I find myself can't adapt to city
even though I live here for past 17 years.

You know what? The pricing totally different
Hell yeah, and of course the weather too.
I think the forest burning happens again in Indonesia,
so peeps take care of your health..

Yesterday, after I send my grandma and uncle to Bukit Jalil,
I went to Cheras Leisure Mall to help my mother paying her cellphone bill.
For my secondary school friend, I think almost 70% of them
know my dad's stall is actually very close with this mall.

How much do I pay for her bill is not important.
Well, after I paid the bill, I take chance to jalan jalan~~

I walked inside to Popular Bookstore..

There don't have the book that I want ( sibeh cha )

Whatever, the book is not-so important also..
Walked into Speedy VCD and DVD shop later..


Jolin Tsai's CD at RM9.90 corner!!
花蝴蝶 album leh.. I think the staff made a mistake..

But if really RM 9.90, the Speedy sure bankrupt soon..
RM50+ CD sell in RM9.90 = ="

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Even though I redesigned my blog..
trying to make it more colorful and more lively..
BUT its still look cacat (handicap)!

Whatever lah, lazy to do it already.
Even GOD also didn't create us with all perfect lengzai/lenglui face..
Of course, my post whole not only talk about this..

Anyway, just to update you guys about what I've done recently.
This semester, I'm taking Tamil Language >_<
So, next time when you saw someone look like me
eating at Mamak Stall and talking with waiters in Tamil..
Don't doubt it! It's would be me =D

Since this semester I'm just taking 2 subjects,
I'm very free to update my blog.
Well, don't be surprise when I update my blog 3 times at the same times.
Coz I'm really FREEEEEEEE

Lastly, I will set up a monthly goal for me..
People should live with their aims, shouldn't they?
This month : Save money for getting a driver's license.

I promise to you..
I will hardworking to update my blog T_T
This blog is not dead..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New !

Finally, my blog changed the look!
How was it?
Still okay?
Give me feedback ya~
Really appreciate it ^^

Need some changes..

Oh well well well~
I think I need some changes on my blog.
Yea, I need you guys to help me >_<"
Your effort are highly appreciated..

It's is actually..
Mainly towards the blogspot template design..
nuffnang advertiser code HAHA~

Because I already lazy to put in the code after change the blog design.
Anyone can help? Help me to search the template.
I already google for many times, but nothing satisfied me :(

If you have any suggestion towards my blog..
feel free to leave a message at my chatbox there..

I'll read it and reply you all ASAP.
Thank you very much~
Have a nice day

Monday, October 18, 2010

Update Update!

Finally I update my blog!
After my exam, I had around 3 weeks holidays,
which I spent it wastefully.
I did nothing.
Everyday routine is the same,
from wake up -> watch tv -> eat -> sleep.

Instead of being boring, I had also went to my cousin wedding ceremony.
On that day, my family and I went to Melaka and stayed at there for a night.
Somehow, when my mum drove to Melaka City Centre, the car broke down.
Bad Luck!
We end off with a quite terrible mood.

As the time pass through, yesterday night I've back to Kampar.
Yes, I attend to my class and start my new semester.

Yet, my life is still boring. Why?
Because my class ends on 10am. FML.
I've reached my hostel on 11am and I never stepped out from my room since that.
Haha..Dats it for today..

Next post coming soon.
BTW, I have updated my mixpod song, there's only 3 songs.
But, the cover is different. Enjoy it ^^