Thursday, November 11, 2010

Langkawi - relaxed trip ever!

As mentioned in the earlier post,
my friend and I had a trip to Langkawi Island..

We had joined one day tour - Island Hopping at there.
We went to 3 places continuously..
Beras Basah Island, Dayang Bunting Lake, and also Singa Island.
Unfortunately, we cant get a very clear picture for Singa Island,
because there had many eagles flying around!

Anyway, Beras Basah Island and Dayang Bunting Lake also very nice..The water of Dayang Bunting Lake a.k.a Pregnant Maiden Lake
is very clean!

For the accommodation, we stayed in Langkapuri Inn Hotel,
which is consider as lousy hotel but it is fully equipped.
After we put all our luggage, we walked out from our room..

We saw a beautiful beach..
It's the main beach of the Langkawi Island,
which is known as Cenang Beach.

What a beautiful sunset view...

We saw this type of crab everywhere at there!

The tourist did this~ Amazing, right?

We went to the Underwater World Aquarium too..
It changed a lot.
It seems like got nothing to see..
( Hidden meaning : It's not worth to go la..shhh)

BTW, we had took some pictures with the aqua creatures displayed there.
Some of them can't use flash camera to take their pics..
They will get shocked and die..

Here are the pictures..

This one is the fake one!!
We found this at the exit of Underwater World Aquarium..
She reminds me the cartoon "PINGU"

FYI, the food around that area is very very expensive..
A crab - 100gm RM7
A simple dish (vegetables) - RM10 (small)
Better dish (eg:prawn, deer) - RM18 (small)

However, there are lot of choices of food.
Thai food, Chinese seafood (pork-free), Arabic food,Italian food, Indian food etc.

At Langkawi Island, it's hardly to have pork for food.
Maybe it's because majority of the people staying there are Malays.

That's all for my post!
Thank you for reading ^^

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