Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010

I'm back =P

Last weekend went to Penang just to join this event
Penang Bridge International Marathon..
My friend and I just join fun run larrr....

Just to share my experience with you guys.
Even though I didn't managed to run at there..

The story begin like this..
My friend and I went to Penang Island on Saturday midnight..
We reach there around 11.30pm.
Somebody would ask, you siao ah?! Midnight go there for what?

Ya lah.. My marathon category 7am just start,
but the bridge was closed at 1am till 11am on the next day..
That's the reason why..

So, once we reached there..
we went to the information counter to pick up our back up race pack..
coz our race pack didn't reached to our home before we head to penang..

Me with my marathon shirt =D

After took all the things, we went to coffee bean and enjoy the drinks.
We've ordered a pure double chocolate for RM14++.

Then, we walked along the food stalls which prepared for runners..
actually they're look like mini pasar malam..
they're operate till 4am and then reopen on 5.30am for breakfast..

FYI, runners for 48km starts on 2am
21km marathon starts on 3am++
10km, argh I forget adi =.=
fun run category 7am..

One of the food we bought..mee goreng

Sakae sushi
1 box oni RM2.. It's SAKAE
not the one in pasar malam..

The road finally closed for the marathoners...

One of the cafe available at there..
but quite expensive in the terms of pricing...
the starting point near Queensbay..

We're sitting having supper..
or you can said it as "PICNIC" XD

We're only sitting at the road side >_<

After finish eating, we played UNO for an hour..
Until 2am++ we started to feel frustrated and sleepy..

Jumay geh sleepy face =DFinally we beh tahan adi, we choose to sleep at the roadside..

Not long after that..
the sky started rain =.=
we felt so cold and the wind keep blew toward us..

Till 6am, we really can't stand that type of situation..
we decided to give up and try to join it next year
(because I've exam on the next day, can't afford to sick)

Disappointed arhh..
I read on facebook, a lot of runners are enjoyed their run even raining!

No matter what,
next year I want to join again!!!!!

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