Monday, February 8, 2010

Woes of Kampar Resident

I believe that to Kampar resident, yesterday night is a nightmare.
That's because of BLACKOUT happens around 12.30am.
Everyone felt hot and helpless like I did.
I have called TNB but the phone never been answered.

And today, 2.28pm Kampar water supply was suspended without any notice.
I went to the Danish House Oxford Office
and I asked their customer service officer about this matter.
They told me that the water supply only will recover at night.

boo.. .Boo. BOo.. BOO...

We did pay our electricity bills.
We did pay our water supply bills.
We did pay our rental.

And we deserve this kind of services?
I'm going back to my hometown tomorrow.
Good Luck to who still stay in Kampar.

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