Sunday, February 21, 2010

18/2/2010 Form 5 Gathering

Yo! Everyone ^^
How's your CNY celebration?
Start with open house party with non-stop gambling? Or...
Just stay at house waiting for the angpao's reach to your house?
Sometimes hor..when I want to sleep, the firework noise OMG
Really tak ada boleh tahan o.o

This week..Opps! Is last week..
I had joined my ex-classmates for Form 5/2008 for a gathering.
(Because CNY very sien, not joined them I will die at house)
Let the pictures do the talking =)

From upper left : Wee Siang, Yong Wei,Tze Yang and Wai Kit.
Middle role : Elaine (Me), Pui Yee, Cindy, Pooi Kuan and Yee Joo.
Last role : Boon Hong and KK.
(Btw, why Boon Hong and KK macam never change pose har?)

At first, Boon Hong and Lance (Yong Wei) had planned to karaoke box,
following by movie and dinner.
Somehow, after we reach Pavilion, we just realized that
Karaoke Box (Neway) is very expensive during the CNY period.
RM 30+ per person (1pm-6pm),
7pm-12pm lagi expensive - RM 46++..
So, we cancelled it and heading to movie.

We took the picture in front of Pavilion.
Nice Mangkuk (Bowl) XD

The movie that we watched on that day..
72 Tenants of Prosperity.
Only one sentence can describe this movie.
Funny and many popular TVB celebrities ^^
After we finished,
we went for bowling.
Soli bang, tarak lar..Mau tengok?
Tengok the 1st one larr ^^

Dinner time !
Me, Pooi Kuan and Pui Yee went to Ampang Look Out Point for dinner.
The scenery there is very beautiful at night.
You can consider to bring your loves one there for dinner.
Food there nice? So-so only..
Ala..Girl like romantic ma XD

Picture for Look Out Point will be uploaded on the next post.
Wish you all have a nice day.

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