Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hey guys!
Update again ^.^
This time I would like to tell you all a story.
A story about a fan in Payathin (不夜天美食中心).
Ya, this is one the main character of this story.
The waitress.

And of course, another main character would be my dad.
(Cannot shows his picture, later he kills me)

*cough* *cough*
The story begins....

As usual, my family and I went to the Payathin food stalls for our dinner.
After we have our seat, my dad feels so uncomfortable..
His hair became messy because of the fan only blow the wind toward us.
Then, the waitress had came and this happens.

Waitress: Mau minum apa?
My Daddy : Erm..Watermelon juice, besar.
My mum : Saya mau suet cha ( icy chinese tea )
Me : Carrot milk besar.

Waitress: watermelon besar satu, suet cha satu, carrot milk satu.
My daddy : eh, apasai itu kipas tak mau pusing?
AND you know what the waitress said?
She said...

Waitress : itu kipas SOHAI tak mau pusing apa mau buat?!

Thanks for reading to this lousy joke.
It might be not so funny for everyone.

Cam-whore lagi! hahaha

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