Wednesday, February 24, 2010

23/2 - Tuesday

Update again ^^
Like everyone else who studied in UTAR Perak Campus (Foundation students)
I'm having my "valuable" sem break..
I found that it was kinda boring =.="

So, I was decided to went somewhere and get some fun.
I wrote on my facebook something like this :
"Long time din sing K jor, who can pui me go? KL lang pls"
Of course, the status are getting response from anyone who have added me in facebook.
(Too desperate already =.=)

At last, Ka Yee (Melinda Leong in fb) ajak me to Times Square ^^
Once I reached there, the first thing I did is..

FYI, CNY had passed, the prices are going back to normal.
Weekdays RM5++ from 1pm-6pm (Ladies price)
The price for guys I think is around RM18++
Student's price not sure >.<

After that....SHOPPING!
Woooooo HOOOOOO !!!!

And this is what I've bought =)

Short pant from CHIKAKO, RM 29.
Jeans from ROMP. RM 69.90

Shirt from CHIKAKO also. RM15 ^^

Lepas tu...
I'm went back and having dinner with my family members.
Here am I to introduce my naughty bro, Cheng Ze.
Actually dinner really got nothing to talk about -.-
Just want to share with you all a picture which I think quite funny XD

This photo is taken when my bro refuse to eat and I'm getting angry.

Haha XD
That's all for today.
Update soon.


  1. haha...the pic with u n ur bro is cute~~ XD

  2. Haha XD just feel my bro face expression damn funny LOL