Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Funny post (part 2)

Finally update the second part of funny post le..
These days are damn stress with all those assignment and test..
Tomorrow got a quiz, Monday have to hand up the handout for presentation.. life was so packed!

But once I saw these pictures..
I guess, this would be the memories of my life..
Maybe it's also be yours too =D

See picture la!
The picture sudah lama =X

When we are discuss about assignment..
I forget about what is the topic we talk about..
But Sze Wei looks so excited!
See... NO HAND!! LOL
( The hand is shaking actually )

Christina look at where??
OMG Sze Wei !!! You're korek hidung?!!
So gerli ah you!!This is what my housemates do to another housemate.
Mr A. using the P2Pover software to control whole house internet line.
Thus, Mr. B, Mr. C are so angry and wrote this to him.
You can eventually save the picture and zoom it to read the details.
Really zha dou = =!!

Back to steamboat day..
Hewmun are trying to pose, but I purposely ignore her!

Hana Hana..
Show you inside picture already la..

So beh pai seh geh Hew Mun..
Behind geh Sze Meng looks so blur


I update the latest news for you now.
( Today no class, so happy and so free yet so boring )

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