Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BM -> Kampar -> Ipoh

Last week, I went to Jamie dad geh wedding~
Once I reach her house for putting my luggage..
I just shocked and...
So lenglui ( means so beautiful )

I changed my clothes
Then I went to Jess house..
Waiting CK to fetch us go.

We reached there,
CK said : For the 1st time in 20 year I saw Jamie so lenglui
We all laugh like siao! So happy =D

Before the wedding dinner end,
we managed to get a photo with the bride.
Groom I think drunk jo~~ Haha

From left : me, Jamie, Jaysy, Jess, Kely, YC.
Dat night actually got abit sot sot..
Play with YC until gila jo~

After the dinner, we head to BED for second round..
Somehow.. BED there got SNAKE!!!
Luckily it doesn't bite anyone yet~
Thanks for the workers there clear it off..
Say already second round..
Of course is... PLAY TIME!!

We played truth or dare ( Is the spelling correct? Correct me ya if it's wrong)
That day I damn suey...Keep kena me T____T
Tapi mine one don't want show you all la~~

Kena already, most of people choose dare..
Choose already, then play sampat things lo..

Jaysy kena kiss until so syok~
See her face also know already BUAHAHA
YC also kena kiss~~
Order drinks~~
1 Jug of Dream, 1 Jug of Heneiken (YC order) and 1 shooter drink.
People at there play till so fun..
CK busy watch FIFA pulak..
Kely try kiss Jess~
Laugh sei when I see this picture..
The next day, we went back to Kampar for Sim's Convocation at KTAR.
One big happy family~~
After that sure eat lo~ Restaurant Yen Pin!
Food quite okay gah..

Lastly we went to Ipoh..
Actually want to go Cameron Highlands one..
But not enough time, so sad T_______T

Sleep inside the car when going to Ipoh..

First day, we went to Jusco Ipoh for Karaoke.
Walk around, and then go to Lou Wong for famous Taugeh Chicken Horfun!
So delicious~

I'm still waiting my friend to pass me the photo..
More photos are coming soon!

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