Saturday, July 31, 2010

1st August

Just simply want to update you with my latest news.

- I'm joining the beginner guitar class in music club
(my skill sucks, all laugh at me when my finger can't touch the string) =.=

-I'm gonna organising flash mob somewhere in Kampar very soon
(not very confirm,but if i really organise, it SHOULD be fun)

- I'm still in love with music and 2 week I'll back KL for it
( Sara, I will back to you! )

- I'm going to finish all my assignment and presentation soon
( Groupmate, thanks ya..Without you, I can't finish it early )

- My housemate is still using p2p software
( I will report to management again, make sure he kena 99!! )

- I'm very boring in Kampar especially weekend
( Please bring me to somewhere else, I do love travel )

- I need the text book for PR : The value driven approach 2nd edition
( Who have it, pls lend to me..just want to make a copy )

- Final exam is coming soon
( Hope UTARians prepared well for exam )

That's all from me.

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