Monday, October 18, 2010

Update Update!

Finally I update my blog!
After my exam, I had around 3 weeks holidays,
which I spent it wastefully.
I did nothing.
Everyday routine is the same,
from wake up -> watch tv -> eat -> sleep.

Instead of being boring, I had also went to my cousin wedding ceremony.
On that day, my family and I went to Melaka and stayed at there for a night.
Somehow, when my mum drove to Melaka City Centre, the car broke down.
Bad Luck!
We end off with a quite terrible mood.

As the time pass through, yesterday night I've back to Kampar.
Yes, I attend to my class and start my new semester.

Yet, my life is still boring. Why?
Because my class ends on 10am. FML.
I've reached my hostel on 11am and I never stepped out from my room since that.
Haha..Dats it for today..

Next post coming soon.
BTW, I have updated my mixpod song, there's only 3 songs.
But, the cover is different. Enjoy it ^^

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