Thursday, October 28, 2010


Even though I redesigned my blog..
trying to make it more colorful and more lively..
BUT its still look cacat (handicap)!

Whatever lah, lazy to do it already.
Even GOD also didn't create us with all perfect lengzai/lenglui face..
Of course, my post whole not only talk about this..

Anyway, just to update you guys about what I've done recently.
This semester, I'm taking Tamil Language >_<
So, next time when you saw someone look like me
eating at Mamak Stall and talking with waiters in Tamil..
Don't doubt it! It's would be me =D

Since this semester I'm just taking 2 subjects,
I'm very free to update my blog.
Well, don't be surprise when I update my blog 3 times at the same times.
Coz I'm really FREEEEEEEE

Lastly, I will set up a monthly goal for me..
People should live with their aims, shouldn't they?
This month : Save money for getting a driver's license.

I promise to you..
I will hardworking to update my blog T_T
This blog is not dead..

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