Friday, October 29, 2010


It's been a long time I live at Kampar..
I wonder I've already slowly become a Kampung (village) girl >_<
Sometimes I find myself can't adapt to city
even though I live here for past 17 years.

You know what? The pricing totally different
Hell yeah, and of course the weather too.
I think the forest burning happens again in Indonesia,
so peeps take care of your health..

Yesterday, after I send my grandma and uncle to Bukit Jalil,
I went to Cheras Leisure Mall to help my mother paying her cellphone bill.
For my secondary school friend, I think almost 70% of them
know my dad's stall is actually very close with this mall.

How much do I pay for her bill is not important.
Well, after I paid the bill, I take chance to jalan jalan~~

I walked inside to Popular Bookstore..

There don't have the book that I want ( sibeh cha )

Whatever, the book is not-so important also..
Walked into Speedy VCD and DVD shop later..


Jolin Tsai's CD at RM9.90 corner!!
花蝴蝶 album leh.. I think the staff made a mistake..

But if really RM 9.90, the Speedy sure bankrupt soon..
RM50+ CD sell in RM9.90 = ="

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