Friday, May 7, 2010

Genting trip 30 Apr - 2 May

After exam, I went to Genting Highlands.
The night that we reached, we having our dinner at coffee terrace buffet.
The buffet there cost us RM70++ per person.
But, there's many choices of food.
So ugly the face >.<"
My friend say me DDLY wor..
What meant DDLY?
Ask me la!

Enjoy eating =D

Saja saja want to snap photo XD

At first world plaza.
In front of Padini shop.

My watch.

In front of Poney.
Taking pics for you guys to see
mana tau let people take my pic LOL

The Thai Songkran festival in First World Plaza.
There's lot of things sold there.
It's about Thai's culture actually.

11.30pm, 30 April.
Location : Outdoor Theme Park
Weather : Raining.

All of us are waiting for fireworks to celebrate labour day.
Somehow raining =(
So we all waited at there.

Yinyin, the baby face.

You guess how old is she?

She's actually 20 -.-

After rain, all the clowns back to stage and dance for entertaining us.

*ehem* and also the mascot of Genting.

One of the female clown with us.
She's kinda funny .

Her name is Winnie. LOL

Yinyin with lollipop.
Yinyin and the lovely me. Buahaha

The second day.
We having our lunch at Shanghai 10.
It's a typically Shanghai food concept of restaurant.

The popular mee of Shanghai
Dan Dan Mee.

Black Sesame

Fried rice.

And Shanghai's Xiu long pao.
We only ordered with these food and drinks..
It's cost us RM35++ each person.

After eat,we went to outdoor theme park again.
This time, we paid RM44 each person for entrance.
It's more expensive than usual, because it's peak season =(

After having those fun, we back to first world plaza.
We walk through there and we saw...

The guy who full with make up and act ghost at the ghost house.

He's so cute!

uh oh!
There's no more picture to show.
So, I skipped all la~
Next time just continue tell you.


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