Friday, May 7, 2010

Back to School

*This post is not going to mention any name that offensive.
*This post just to release my anger!

Few days ago, I went back to my ex-secondary school just to take my SPM and 1119 Cert.
After I took my cert, I followed one of the teacher to teacher's room.

I met with my favourite teacher.
I still remember the way how she teach us in class with a funny posture. LOL
We talked a lot and I felt so happy.

However, happy moment passes fast.
The other teacher came in.

As usual, the teacher ask: how are you? what course do you study now?
Then, I answered : I'm fine, now I'm going to study PR course in an university.
Somehow the teacher keep on laughing and asked : Is it same with PUB girl?

Oh my god. Can you use your brain before ask such a stupid question?
If my ambition just to become a pub girl, why I tried to have a degree?

Another thing is..
the PUB girl.

What wrong with the job? They do not beg for their life.
They're work for it.
Why you all dumb discriminate them?
Shame on you !

I really felt disappointed with the so-called teacher.
I thought after I leave the school I can appreciate what the teacher done for us.
But for that moment, I really pissed off!

I even heard that the school is having a rule.
That's more ridiculous!
The discipline teacher will punish the people with "fashioned bra"

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