Thursday, May 12, 2011

Free =)

From the title, it doesn't mean to be free gifts..
It just about me to being free from busy life ^^

Yeah, I have already finished my exam last week..
And because of laziness, now I'm only writing my blog..

I had passed my undang test and my amali~
Now, I'm in the progress of learning..
Hopefully I'm able to get a P license at July..

Next weekend, I'm going to proceed my life to Youth Jam meeting..
Then, going to Penang Cruise as my friend had a free room XD
I'm so freaking excited coz I never been there before!
I wish that is an enjoyable trip =)

Back to Kampar..
During this semester of study, I had some problems with my group mate.
However, I don't think I could do any changes with the situation.
Therefore, I chose to leave them and find a new friend to mix with.
Wish them luck and happy anyway.

Yeah, at the same time
I also had get a chance to design KT management brochure

IF, I say IF...
IF I manage to make them to use my design,
then my resume definitely look nicer when it comes to internship ^^
I will try my best to do it..

Lastly, I will update my mixpod song asap..
Sorry for late update and have a nice day :D
Thanks for viewing my blog

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