Friday, March 18, 2011

March 2011

Just to update you all what I've been doing recently.

- I have listened to 5 hours UNDANG theory for the sake of
getting a car license in Ipoh

- Preparing for the midterm exam and upcoming final exam

- Getting stress up with the assignment keep rejected by our
lovely UTAR Lecturers

- Suspecting myself for having depression
( one of the psychological illness )

- Becoming an emotional eater due to the stress
*means I'm gaining my weight once again*

- Joining Youth Jam'11 at Penang as a order to
relieve my stress as well as get some fun. If you're interested..
Please log onto

- Going to move out from my current hostel as the owner
wants his/her house back from the management.

- Still thinking whether to become a volunteer for
World Vision Organization or not..

I think that's all for this post lar~
I will update the blog from time to time.

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