Friday, December 24, 2010

Before Christmas ^^

Two weeks ago, after I finished my Tamil Language exam..
I have just took a part time job from a production team.

Yah..As an extra in a local chinese drama
A Time To Embrace
which will on air starting from 13 Jan 2011,
at 8.30pm only at 8TV ^^

It's actually not easy to act in a drama..
What you watch in TV around 15min, we've done it in 3 and more hours.
That day I was totally exhausted but somehow I enjoyed it
even though I worked start from 8am until 2am in the midnight..
The most important thing..

I saw HENLEY haha
but unfortunately, I was not allowed to disturb the artist..

As usual, pictures do the talking with some brief description..

All the crews are busy doing their job..
Elvis Chin had to roll down from a small hill..
If I'm not mistaken he rolled more than 5 times..
(please forgive my broken english)

Crews were resting in the middle of shooting..

One of the extra haha
Nice police costume ^^

Fake funeral..
Just made it from polystyrene haha

Another 2 guy..haha

Lastly, me ^^
Maybe you can see my backside when you watching the drama

End of my post today~
I wish you all had a merry x'mas and happy new year on 2011
Thanks for reading ^^

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