Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alviss Kong

Yesterday, 2am in the morning,
a young man was committed suicide..
Yes, his name is Alviss Kong.

He could not accept the truth that his lover no longer love him..
Thus, he jumped off at 14th floor building at
Cheras Ketumbar Height (which is quite near my KL house)
and certified dead after he was sent to hospital.

Before he committed suicide,
he leaved a note in facebook said how much he love his lover..
He also mentioned that the 4 months together with his lover
is the most happy period in his life.

His friend saw his note,
but they did not realized that he is going to suicide.
They thought the note just a love story..

After 45 minutes, he jumped off and ends his life.

Below is his facebook account,
you may read more about him and his last note here.
Hope he'll rest in peace..

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