Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gloomy CNY

Once ago, there's a story about Billie Holiday's song.
I don't know whether it's true.
But, today incident..really reminds me that song.

One of the Billie Holiday song, Gloomy Sunday.
There's a rumor which says that
"whenever who listen to this song, they will suicide on next day"
The reason of people suicide is because of the lyric..
The lyric of this song full of depression with sorrowful music..

is the first day of Chinese New Year..

But for me,
it is the saddest CNY ever.
My aunt, cousin, grandma and even my mum cried.

My uncle had just pass away this morning.
Thanks for the heart disease.

He left his family silently,
2am he is still awake and praying for Fortune God.
However, around 7 to 8am he already went to heaven.
May he rest in peace.

We will always remember you.
And people, please cherish your life.

Life is not easy..
You may find your life is meaningless
you may find your life is full of disappointment
but please do not give up your life

There's lot of people who are
love you
support you
motivate you
cherish you

Remember that.

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