Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ipoh trip

Last week my family and I went to somewhere at Ipoh called Menglembu and Lahat.
We stayed at there for 2 days 1 night.
The reason for us being there is to celebrate my grandma 70th birthday.

Let's look at the picture XD

This is one of the hair salon/ hair studio at there.
Hmm..Do you think the logo of the hair studio is similiar with 8TV logo?We went to one of the kopitiam and we ordered these:

This..I don't know what is this called..
Maybe you all (for non-chinese) more familiar it as the cendol or ice kacang.
But for chinese in Ipoh, they definitely know what is this =)
运头浪 or more famous with it's name 文头雪
And this..
This kuey teow soup has its own name.
Hor Hee Fun (河嬉粉)
Lastly, Jus Pegaga!
Or you can called it as 崩大腕
Until 6pm++, we all went to a restaurant to celebrate my grandma's birthday.
The restaurant we went is "East Ocean".
In chinese, the restaurant is known as 东海酒家.
If I'm not mistaken, there's also a branch in Kampar.

What I can say about this restaurant?

For most of the restaurant, even compared the KL restaurant..
Let me explain more.

Restaurant in KL have package like RM500++ per table include everything
(Karaoke set, soft drinks, even emcee or show girl. )

However, this restaurant charge us RM600++ without the service stated above.
We even have to buy soft drink ourselves!

Anyway.. the food of the night ^^
"Peach bun"
The "main character" with my aunty

The decoration of the stage and the table

End of the post XDD

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